As the global landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative for Africans in the diaspora and their allies to come together, and leverage their diverse experiences, expertise and networks to advance common interests and foster collaboration that strengthens their participation and contribution in the country of residence and origin. This event envisions high-profile networking activities aimed at facilitating meaningful connections, fostering dialogue, and catalyzing action towards collective and individual advancement. Through collaboration between stakeholders with varied perspectives the aim is to deliver real and sustainable results and make a real impact at all levels in society.

Specific objective of this idea and initiative is to facilitate and build a framework for collaboration in a synergetic platform that pools together ideas, resources and energies of African diaspora leaders for social change and transformation. Starting in the Netherlands, but aware that building a sustainable ‘good society’ doesn’t stop at national borders. The initiative seeks to facilitate collaboration with and between all African leaders in the diaspora and friends in showcasing how diversity can be creatively leveraged as a productive force to shaping society at all levels, for the better.




Sa September 28th 2024


Van der Valk Hotel

Verlengde Stellingweg 1

1511 MA, Oostzaan