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Kevin Leslie Designs

Kevin's goal has always been to create perfect fitting clothing for women, men and children alike, using the best fabric available. He is known for his avant-garde style, subtle sex appeal and glamourous pieces, portraying a classical vision of the wearer.

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Biko-020 is a new brand in Amsterdam founded by Kenyan born Steve Biko. He moved to Amsterdam in 2011 to study Fashion and Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. His first collection "Carousel" is inspired by his cradle in East Africa and the different places he has travelled to, such as the Middle East , Asia, and Europe. He has collected several fabrics and materials to share his fashion story.

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Zoef Leather

Zuliga Diaf always had an ambition to creat her own label, but it had to be from leather and in different colours. Zuliga is facsinated by leather because it is a natural product. "The advantage of leather is that it lives, breathes and is flexible. Leather is timeless in the fashion industry " she says . " It is warm, insulating, tough and durable. Zuliga also custom makes different pieces in various sizes upon request.

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Natasha Breda

From a young age, Natasha Breda always had the interest in fashion. She spent her younger days sewing on her mother's sewing machine. After completing her design studies, she set up her label NBO that creates two collections per year.  The pieces in her collections are exclusive and unique. NBO designs stands for feminity and her inspiration comes from nature especially flowers. Her other inspirations include travel, classical music , old films and stories from people she has encountered in her life.

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Sky Fall Creations

Sky fall creations is a small company based in Nairobi, Kenya, founded in 2015 by chief designer Christine Omollo. She uses her passion for fashion, quality design and culture to create sexy, modern and cheerful pieces. Her designs have been exhibited in the Amsterdam Fashion Week and most recently in the Fashion Week in Taormina.

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Linda Joan Swartz

Linda has been in the fashion, music , glamour and styling world for the past 35 years. 25 years ago after a professional carreer in music she started creating unique outfits to stand out in special events, they was only one of each piece made . In 1994 these creations were presented during the L'oreal hair show.  Currently at 55 years of age, she designed a gown for her daughter's end year presentation , this was all the motivation she needed because since then , her creations have been photographed in festivals and most recently Paris Fashion week.




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